Spooks R Us 6-22-9 with Scotty Roberts

Posted by spooksrus on Tuesday, 23 of June , 2009 at 1:36 am


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Tonight’s show started kinda rough the internet where Scotty lives went down. He loaded up the car and took the Spooks R US computer to Wayne’s where they did the show from but the 3 hour show still happened just a little Late. Had a great guest tonight Scotty Roberts (don’t get the Scotties mixed) Then we did all our normal segments just out of order. Join the Madness!!!!!!!!!!

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We are a paranormal themed variety show, with skits, news, sarcasm (err I mean commentary), and intriguing guests who are not the same tired interviews. We hold paranormal game shows with prizes and offer very personal touches that our audiences seem to appreciate. Our hosts, Scotty and Wayne, have decided that there was a need to fill a void in the paranormal radio landscape by offering something that takes their subject seriously but not themselves.